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Is Beforeigners Season 2 Cancelled or Renewed? Did HBO Max cancel the series or will it continue for another round? When does the next season of "Beforeigners" start? We have the latest cancellation/renewal status and premiere date news.

Will "Beforeigners" continue telling its story on HBO Max and most importantly when does it return? Find out below!

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About Beforeigners

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The series takes place in Oslo, where sudden flashes of light appear in the bay in Bjørvika. People from different time periods—the Stone Age, Viking Age, and the 19th century—suddenly appear in the present. Police officer Lars Haaland meets the first “time migrants”, who speak Old Norse.

A few years later, the so-called “Beforeigners” struggle to integrate into modern Norwegian society. Some 19th-century individuals found work as journalists, office workers, and teachers, while most of the old Norse folk are homeless and sleep in parks. The Stone-Agers mainly live at the fringes and in forests. Some modern Norwegians perceive these “refugees” as a drain on society.

Lars now lives alone, having shared custody of his 17-year-old daughter, Ingrid, while his ex-wife, Marie lives as a neo-Victorian with her 19th-century husband, Gregers. Lars is addicted to temproxate, or “time drops”, a strong sedative prescribed to newcomers—otherwise illegal. He quarrels with Marie over Ingrid when their daughter wants to go Russefeiring, a traditional celebration at Norwegian high schools. More time migrants continue to appear in the harbor on a daily basis (over 13,000 new arrivals per year). The government claims time migration only occurs from the past.

Last episode of Beforeigners on HBO Max aired on February 18, 2020.

Beforeigners Season 2 Release Date

Beforeigners Season 2 premiere date is set by HBO Max:
Beforeigners Season 2 Premiere Date — ✔️ December 5, 2021

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