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Discovering David Dobrik Premiere Date on Discovery+? When will Discovering David Dobrik TV show start on Discovery+? Will Discovering David Dobrik be a successful show? Trailers, Characters and all the things you are curious about Discovering David Dobrik; Stop looking and start watching! We have the latest information on this page.

Will Discovering David Dobrik start any time soon? What are the latest news on Discovering David Dobrik? Find out below!:

About Discovering David Dobrik

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In the premiere episode of DISCOVERING DAVID DOBRIK, David and his friends, Natalie Mariduena, Jason Nash, Nick “Jonah” Antonyan, Suzy Antonyan, and Todd “Toddy” Smith, begin their travels in David’s homeland of Slovakia, where he hasn’t been to since leaving as a child 19 years ago. The adventure continues through Greece and Croatia where David not only explores the world, but also himself, his life, success and friendships. Along the way, the group takes on a recreation of an ancient Olympiad, hunting with ridiculously large birds, off-road misadventures, new foods, and even a short-lived attempt at intergenerational dating before taking time to surprise a group of child refugees from Pakistan through the Association for the Social Support of Youth (ARSIS), an NGO specializing in the social support of youth that are in difficulty or danger and in the advocacy of their rights.

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DISCOVERING DAVID DOBRIK is produced for discovery+ by John Stamos’ St. Amos Productions in conjunction with Spoke Studios. For discovery+, executive producers are Scott Lewers, Kristen Variola and Joseph Boyle with Cameron Doyle as coordinating producer.

Discovering David Dobrik Release Date on Discovery+

Discovering David Dobrik Season 1 premiere date is set by Discovery+:
Discovering David Dobrik Debuts — ✔️ November 16, 2021

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