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Will Kate & Allie start any time soon? What are the latest news on Kate & Allie? Find out below!:

About Kate & Allie

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Both Kate and Allie dated men regularly, but were portrayed as strong, independent women, which was still a relative novelty on television at the time. Unlike other successful career women portrayed before them, Kate and Allie were shown to be wise to the games men play, but not averse to remarrying if the opportunity presented itself..

At the beginning of the series, Kate worked as a travel agent, while Allie stayed home and took care of the domestic duties while also pursuing her college degree she abandoned when she married her first husband. Kate’s storylines often revolved around her struggles to be taken seriously in the workplace, while Allie’s often revolved around learning to be more independent and sure of herself after her years as a housewife. In the show’s fifth season, Kate quit her job and teamed up with Allie to start their own catering service.

In the show’s second-to-last season, Allie dated Bob Barsky (Sam Freed), a television sportscaster who proposed to Allie in the season finale. Following their marriage, Allie and Bob moved into a new apartment in the show’s final season. Bob, however, took a job which involved regular travel, and Kate moved into the new apartment as well. This plot development, frequently cited as one of the canonical examples of a television show jumping the shark, led viewers to lose interest, and CBS chose not to renew Kate & Allie for a seventh season.

The original “Kate and Allie” aired on CBS from 1984-1989 for six seasons and over 120 episodes. It starred Susan Saint James and Jane Curtin in the title roles, with Sherry Coben having created the show.

Last episode of Kate & Allie on NBC aired on May 22, 1989.

Kate & Allie Release Date on NBC

Kate & Allie Season 1 is canceled by NBC:
Kate & Allie Series Premiere Date — Pending

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