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The Club Season 1

The Club Premiere Date on Netflix? When will The Club TV show start on Netflix? Will The Club be a successful show? Trailers, Characters and all the things you are curious about The Club; Stop looking and start watching! We have the latest information on this page.

Will The Club start any time soon? What are the latest news on The Club? Find out below!:

About The Club

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Matilda, an ex-convict working in one of the important nightclubs in 1955, and her daughter Rasel. While Matilda tries to mend her relations with her daughter Rasel, she also tries to get rid of Pera’s troublemaker, Fistik Ismet. With Matilda starting a job at the nightclub, the environment that is almost hell turns into a home for the employees.

In cosmopolitan 1950s Istanbul, a mother with a troubled past works at a nightclub to reconnect with and help the rebellious daughter she couldn’t raise.

The Club Release Date on Netflix

The Club Season 1 premiere date is set by Netflix:
The Club Debuts — ✔️ January 6, 2022

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